Carrara² will not be a traditional trade fair with stands and exhibition of products, but rather a professional meeting hub aimed at encouraging  business opportunities, promoting technical updating and favouring the innovative development of the stone industry

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Technical Training

Find out the preview of the training sessions calendar about Stone Technologies and Stone Materials



Discussing the relation between architecture and Carrara marble with the greatest archistars in contemporary architecture

B2B 2018 | Live Interview

From conventional Fair to a Hub of relations in the Stone Sector

The world is changing and Carrara Marmotec  is ready to change with it, evolving in a new concept-event that turns it from a conventional fair to a place of relationships and experiences, contaminations and technological innovation for the betterment of the supply chain.

Targeted, focused, innovative

Thematic Clusters

Training Sessions

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The entire technology supply chain for quarrying and processing


Carrara enjoys an unreachable competitive advantage: it offers a natural scenery, a “spontaneous show” thanks to its hundreds of quarries and the many factories operating in its district. White Carrara Downtown reaches it second appointment after the spin-off event launched in 2017, which proved to be the perfect occasion for Carrara and its stone companies to welcome and meet customers, buyers, professionals, architects, designers, journalists in a completely new framework able to breaks the boundaries of the conventional trade fair.


The identity of Marmotec evolves into a dimension that gathers business opportunities, technological innovation and supply chain culture: Marmotec_Hub 4.0.

A new concept event that evolves from a conventional fair to a place of relationships and experiences around the idea of Industry 4.0, which is what creates a “smart factory”. The Pavilion C of Carrara Exhibition Centre will turn into a HUB dedicated to technology, innovation, research and special manufacturing processes.


White Carrara Downtown 2018 Highlights

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